Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today I found myself trying to eat a bit healthier. Most mornings I eat homemade granola. It is good stuff but four cups of oatmeal is surrounded with soy oil, butter, brown sugar and honey. It tastes great but it has a bit more sugar and oil than is good for me. First off I went for low calorie yogurt. I did not like the off taste so after a few bits the rest of the container went back into the frig. Next I decided to make oatmeal. Oatmeal and I have never been on a sound footing. I love it in cookies, cakes and rolls but I still recall gagging it down at a friend’s home one winter morning. Suffice to say they did not have enough brown sugar in the house. Now I am way past becoming an adult so I reconsidered that it cannot be all that bad.
Yes it is. First I tried it plain. No sugar. One bite convinced me that I could not eat it unsweetened.

Still a no go in my estimation. This is how the bowl looked before I shared it with one of our dogs. BUT the one that came ate around the oatmeal while eating the other left overs.So it is off to eat an energy bar and back to making granola tomorrow.

So it is off to eat an energy bar and back to making granola tomorrow.


Cote de Texas said...

my car drive to McDonalds each morning for a sausage biscuit. i tell him not to do that. but, he's bad.

Carol said...

I do enjoy oatmeal for breakfast once in a while. It was one of my quirky foods that I especially liked when I was pregnant, lo these many years ago.Of course, it's best with brown sugar and raisins!