Thursday, May 7, 2009

Country Birds


On the drive to town I pass the creek (except we say crick). On Monday Hannah and I spied what I think were Cattle Egrets. She got a couple of so so pictures with the cell phone. I have not spied them again. For most of this week I have seen up to four big black hawks, or birds of some sort.
l have taken to traveling with my camera. They either fly away too quickly or there will be another vehicle approaching so I can not get out to take a picture. Hence the awful quality of the photo. It was taken from inside of my car. Perhaps part of the reason it looks so blurry is the dirt on the windshield.
On another note when I walk along the road sometimes my only companions are the birds on the electric lines. There are plenty of red wing black birds, sparrows and once in a while a blue jay when I walk to the creek area.

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VictoriaArt said...

Yes, it's so nice to watch all the creatures, right? We have many birds, not all I know by name since my knwlodge in English is limited, but I love to see all of them. The other night I came home late and in my drive way sat a barn owl! We have foxes, rabbits, deer and many singing birds, wild turkey, hummingbirds and crickets in the summer ... I am sure there is more, but well, I spare you a listing!!!

Happy Mother's day! Hope you all have a lovely day!