Monday, April 6, 2009

April in Iowa
April snow has an advantage over winter snow. It never last long. We were the "lucky" ones in a small pocket of plus six inches yesterday. The windows were plastered with snow for part of the day. Mentally I was able to brush off the weather yesterday.

Hannah stayed after a good coop dinner yesterday. Matt made some great focaccia bread, Malissa the standard hash brown potato dish and I did the rest. Hannah and I finished one 4-H project and tried out the animal cracker cookie cutters and recipe.

In the end we were not gun ho on the animal crackers. They were more like a butter cookie in taste, were hard to bake just right and a lot of work. (These are some of the best looking ones - a lot of them were a bit too brown around the edges. I must admit the cutters did work well.)
The cookies are cute but she gave them thumbs down as a fair project.

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Porchlight Interiors said...

Thanks for the cute comment! I would love to have some snow around here but unfortunately we miss out in this part of Australia! Still waiting on Autumn to kick in. Tracey xx