Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Remembered

Growing up Christmas was such a fun time. (It is still fun but now it is lots of work, too.)  This picture includes me, sisters Deb and Cin, with our brother, Scott. It looks like we are each holding a gift or two. I think Deb is sitting in a small round chair that we fought over. I wish one of us still had that chair. I am certain they are out there but I have never seen another one like it. It was round, with a partial back and it moved in a complete circle. We would call saved when we needed to get up from sitting on it. If one did not call out "saved" the chair was fair game for a new recipient.

I suspect I was about 7 or 8 years in age in the picture below. As the oldest of 13 grandchildren my memories of good times with my father's parents are many. Here my sisters and I are pictured with three of the Jensen boys. My plaid taffeta skirt was one of my favorites. I love seeing the tree and furniture from that era.

Christmas 2009 with Malissa, Matt, Kelsey and Hannah 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Count Down to Christmas

To all I want to wish you a Happy Holiday Season!!!

The ice and snow have made us aware that even if today is the first official day of winter, we have had a good share of winter weather already.

To all who celebrate Christmas, "Merry Christmas" 
To all others "Happy Holidays"
To all "May 2010 be a year filled with joy, happiness, family, friends, good food, love and laughter."

I sprayed my metal bucket a different color this year.  Bring green is not a color I use.  I wanted something that said happy and it went well with my ribbon and decoration.  I like the change.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday the wind blew ALL day. Forty miles per hour winds with 10-12 inches of snow makes for blizzard conditions. We brave Midwest citizens mostly stayed indoors. With the snowplows operating in emergency situations only home was the best place to be.

These photos were all taken from inside our warm house.

I am obsessed with this snow bank.


I think it looks like a ski slope. 

Today the sun is shining.  I managed to get a picture of the snow framing the window and the snow drift.

This last picture is by the artist named Kelsey.  She sees a canvas in the most unlikely places.

I am ready for winter to be over with and I suspect it has just begun!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We are in the mist of our first snow of the season. School was dismissed early. I think the grand girls decorated the shop door. (Could it be a "Random act of snowfall?")
Sam and Sage wanted snow pictures. I shoveled once yesterday and again today before announcing it was time to dig out the snow blower. Their Grandpa is using the snow blower to clean the drive. Do the Aussies miss snow????

Our dogs are staying away from the action.

Kelsey and Hannah helped put up the snow fence along the lane. The posts were already up. With wind in the forecast the fence needs to be in place. The view from the eating area is covered in snow. Now the wait for spring begins.

Winter has arrived.

Monday, December 7, 2009


We got a new camera a bit ago. I needed pictures of Kelsey and Hannah for our Christmas cards. Kelsey got her braces off and Hannah got contacts since they last had their pictures taken at a studio. We could not use the dated pictures. I was pleased with the results of my photos. The old buildings are all that is left of a farmstead down the road.

Hannah is looking serious

Kelsey having fun

Serious Kelsey