Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Biking Getaway

We spent three days in the Lanesboro, MN area biking and relaxing last week. It rained part of the time but we were able to get in as much biking as my bike seat and my body comfort allowed. Friends told us about a B & B in the area that has wonderful gardens. On the way home we made a stop to see the gardens and talk with the Innkeeper. We have always wanted to stay close to the trails but after seeing the gardens we may change our minds...... The house was lovely and the five course breakfasts could be tolerated.

Berwood Hill Inn



More Pigs (and a pretty out house)

Really they had a lot of chickens in the gardens but I liked the pigs better.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Year 2009-2010

The summer is over for these two pretty girls.
They ate breakfast at our place today before heading to school for 7th grade
and a sophmore year.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Warren and I plan to take off tomorrow for a three day trip to the Lanesboro area of Minnesota. We are hoping for some good weather as we are taking our bikes. That means we will use the gas guzzling pickup. It is a lovely vehicle but the gas mileage is less than stellar. When I recall the pickup my family had growing up ours is like comparing a old black rotary phone to a red blackberry. Our pickup was an old black dodge. We did not use it much but as Dad had a mechanic shop a few miles from our farm we would sometimes take it to visit him. Other than that I do not recall our using it much. With three kids I am sure we could not all pile in it together.

No, I do not have that red Blackberry. I have a friend that has one so I know they exist. As I sent my first text when Hannah got her cell phone last week my very basic plain black cell will do just fine.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Walk

Weather permitting a lot of mornings I will walk down our lane to the gravel road that takes you to town in one direction or north to more country roads. We live about a quarter of a mile from the road so the gravel dust is not a big issue unless I am walking. We have have had almost six inches of rain since Friday so today I knew dust would not be a concern while I walked. Yesterday we had a rain and wind storm. Our corn crop shows a bit of wind damage. Most likely the damage will not be too large, as far as our crop yields are concerned, but never less it is not a pretty sight. Along the lane is some of the most extensive damage. Yesterday this corn was standing tall and straight.

This view is from the road. The beans are a bit flat in spots but should come back once the sun hits them.

A neighbor is spraying their corn crop. This time of year planes and helicopters can be seen spraying for insects and disease.

I walk to this small building that was once part of a farmstead. Some times I will walk a bit more but if time, heat, or laziness are an issue this is the usual goal.

I must be able to view the back of the shed before turning around and heading home. My guess is that my walk is a bit over a mile to this half way point. Someday I will get a pedometer.

Once home I took a look at a few trees that were damaged in the wind.

Thanks for going on another walk.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Come Take a Walk With Me

Maddie, our Golden Retriever, is known as my dog when she is bad. Since starting on thyroid medication she has calmed down a bit and does not get into as much trouble. Most mornings she and Sophie come along on my walk. Sophie must have been taking a nap after our walk as she was not around for my picture taking.

I have a collection of Isabel Bloom figurines. Hubby is in charge of taking them in for the winter. They are rather heavy.

The corn has grown tall since I took the banner photo.

A dear friend gave me this angel that once lived in her lovely garden when they moved away. I think of Barb when I water the plants in this garden.


My gazing ball. I used to not like them but done right they can be lovely.

Joe Pye Weed


Pole Beans

My vegetable garden and a unlovely view of our farm buildings.

My hammock. This is as close as I will ever get to owning a vacation home.

Red Stella Lilly

Time for Maddie's nap.

Thanks for taking the time to walk around my home!

One last photo. I call this tenacity. I hope to replant this tree in our yard come fall.