Friday, April 6, 2007

Spring in California

Rhett and two monkeys

We spent last week with the California Schildroths. Our week went quickly while we had a lovely time being part of their everyday lives. It was five days of fun and two days spent flying. Samantha will turn five this month. Seeing her open her gifts from us was great. Sam and I put together the birthday banner. She seems to enjoy doing craft projects. Perhaps she has inherited the craft gene.

The picture at the left was taken after a short, steep climb. It does not look that high up but believe me the shore is a long way down. Sam and Warren followed me up the hill chanting "I think I can, I think I can..."

It was windy on the coast when we went there on Sunday. We needed our coats but it was not too cold for comfort. From Highway 1 glimpses of the coast are often seen. We missed the whales when we made our stop at Pigeon Point. The water was a lovely shade of blue and the interpreter had interesting things to say about the whales.