Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This time of year the first tulips are blooming. Gosh, they are lovely. One year I planted over 100 white ones and the next spring I was greeted with this overflowing display of happiness. The white tulips are early ones. The colored ones show up later. This fall I need to plant more cutting tulips. There is a row in the garden but as I think there are 7 or 8 left out of 24 it is time to do some planting this fall. I think I will try to find some terracotta ones as I love that color in our home.
I see a few stocks of asparagus are up so I will pick some for our dinner tonight. Not enough to stand alone but they will be great in stir fry.
My parents gave me a garden shop gift certificate for my birthday gift. The past few of years I have bought some very nice pots with the gift. it is so fun to just browse around the garden center to see what is new and pick out this years flowers.

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