Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Postcard from the Past

This one was post marked Jan 24, 1911.  It is from Ruth B.  Ruth most likely lived in Waterloo from where this card was sent.  Lucy lived in Waterloo on 1129 Randolph Street.  Lucy had sent Ruth a little guest book.  Ruth was thanking her very, very much for the cute little guest book.

About yesterday's post card.  It is sent from San Diego, CA. It is rather hard to read and is from someone that only put their initials on it and I thought they are C.B. Later I found another post card from San Diego from an Archie Beekley.  The name was rather hard to read as the post office stamp is over that spot. At first I thought it was Archie Beekly.  I did some investigation on Now I would guess that it is a G.B. and that it is from an Archibald Gordon Beekley born in 1894 in Waterloo, Iowa. He must have been a friend of grandma’s.  He died after a flight training accident at the age of 26.  Archie is listed as born in Waterloo, Iowa so my guess I have located a friend who had moved away. 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY 2013

This is a postcard from my Grandmother Lucy's collection.  It was sent to her in 1911 from San Diego, CA.  It is signed with the initials C.B. - I think.  The writing goes all around the card on the left side.  It tells of visiting different folks so I would guess it was a friend on vacation.  Lucy was born in 1896 so she would have been 14 years of age when she got this card. 
Wishing everyone a happy 2013!!!!