Monday, July 27, 2009

County Fair and Friends

Last week was County Fair week. I took the Kelsey and Hannah over last on Monday with their exhibits. I forgot my camera so all I have are some not very good cell phone photos. Since they got home from vacation the previous Saturday there were things they had to do Monday morning for their exhibits. I stuffed folders and such to help them get ready for the fair.

The girls also did working exhibits with friends on Thursday. I help Hannah’s group more than Kelsey’s. Hannah's friends, Cydney and Jenny, were her companions teaching how to fold an heart into an envelope. It was a fun idea and the judge liked it well enough to send it to State Fair. Kelsey and Britney made ice cream in two cans and in plastic bags. They gave out samples and most likely had the most participants. It is a State Fair alternate. Secretly I was hoping they did not go to State Fair as transporting all the ice and ice cream to Des Moines would have been a hassle. I did not take my camera so I have no pictures.

On Friday Hannah showed a llama. There is a rent a llama program. The program consists on learning to show a llama. Classes are held monthly and then weekly for this purpose. Hannah had a good time and did well. I finally remembered my camera.

Saturday we had friends in for an event we dubbed Sowside Resort in 1982. It is a way to keep in touch with friends we made while living in Dubuque. We roast a whole hog and everyone brings food. It is some of the best eating we do all year. This year was no exception.
As usual my picture taking was slim. Paul is the official photographer. Sometimes we grumble a bit when he announces it is time for the official group photo but we are always thankful when he shares his photos.

Our granddaughters must have captured my camera because I found some surprise photos today. Hannah must have asked someone to take a few pictures of her with Taylor. Taylor is a friend of my parents from Florida. She is a sweet 13 year old who was at one time their neighbor. I think she enjoyed Iowa last week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Millie at Laurel Hedge, did a wonderful post on 'My Heart' for her blog. The picture and her writing give us a glimpse of a little girl who changed her attitude about herself and became filled with self-assurance. Sometimes the faith others place in you can have a mighty big effect. It is worthy of a blog visit.

Millie has tagged me. All I have to do is post a photo that best represents my heart. Gosh this is going to be a hard task. My heart belongs to the my wonderful hubby, our children, their spouses, our four sweet grand kids, my parents and siblings, the color Wedgwood blue, mountains to be skied, a hour in my hammock reading or resting, chocolate, gardening, friends, genealogy, shopping, fresh bread…….

Being the person that I am, when the Library asked patrons to list their most influential book, I made a list of at least six. To pick just one photo is way too hard so I have selected more than one to share.


Because Millie wrote about herself and what a change being chosen to play Alice, as in Wonderland, in a play meant to her, I have been thinking all yesterday about what events changed or shaped my life.

One childhood memory stands out as a change of perspective. My best guess is that I must have been between 10 and 12. I was home alone, with two younger sisters and a very younger brother this was a rare happening. Until that day I was mightily scared of storms. I was never one to relax when the rain came down is sheets and the wind howled. Window watching and fear were the order of the day every time it stormed. Home alone when a storm blew up I cried and cried while the storm raged outside. Feelings of being alone and abandon where the order of the day. When the storm was almost over, my Mother phoned. She asked if I was all right, as they thought I might be scared. My reply was a bold face lie. “No, I was not afraid.” Instantly I was no longer afraid. Some sort of calm settled over me. Today I have a healthy respect for what a storm can do but fear is no longer my companion.

I love the look of exuberance on my face in this picture. As the serious child in my family this look was not often captured.

Last night when I tried to post this blog it turned out missing. How something saved can vanish into cyberspace is beyound my knowledge. It turned up missing when I attempted to ask five others to share a heart photo. Now I have no idea if any of the ones I selected have been asked this before but if you have just add something that is new to your heart.

Stacey, because we love all things about our son and his family:

Patricia, because she does such fun art work and is such a sharing person:

Victoria, because she has a daughter the same age as Hannah:

Suzanne, because she lives a county life:

Maria, because I have learned so much more about color from her blog. It is the only blog (except Stacey's) that I have read from beginning to end and like a good book I will read again:

You, because if you are reading this you just might enjoy sharing your heart.

I need to figure out how to do the neat link thing. l tryed to figure it out but it did not happen late last night and today there is much work to be done.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Today is Deb's birthday in two days Cindi will celebrate her birthday. My sisters are two years and two days apart in age. In between our father's only brother celebrates his birthday. Uncle Evan has the only extended family birthday I recall with absolute certainly.

Rebecca, Deborah, Cynthia

aka Becky, Debbie, Cindi

aka Bec, Deb, Cin

We sometimes sign our e-mails B, D, c.

Granddaughter, Kelsey spelled Cin's name Sin for the longest time. It was easy to see how that can happen with a young speller. Cin's is a bit of an angel so the spelling always came as a small shock.

Once, a long time ago, I thought I would name my first girl, if I had one, after my sisters. I loved the name Deborah Denice. Cin's middle name is Denice. At that time I thought my daughter could be then be called DD. By the time I was pregnant with our first child that bit of silliness had long passed. Malissa can be thankful for that.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


When did this young guy,

become this handsome man?

Today our son celebrates his birthday.
Actually it is the second of July here in the USA but in Australia it is already the third. He should be flying home from a quick business trip to celebrate a belated birthday with his older sister and her family. Have fun together!!!