Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sonoma Valley Wine Country

We stayed at a most relaxing place in Sonoma, CA recently. It is a B & B with 5 rooms and one small cottage.  We were slated for the cottage but as they had recently painted the rooms we opted for a room in the main house.  I think we were more pleased with that room then we would have been in the cottage.  A large porch runs around the front and sides of the old bunk house building.  From the second floor the view of the gardens makes a fun place to sit, relax and have a glass of wine.

We were the only ones staying there so the place was our own private get a way.  All the staff said it was very unusual to have the ranch so unbusy.  We were greeted with fresh baked cookies and coffee or tea.  The ranch does a lot of small weddings during the year.  I did not take a picture of the grassy area used for weddings and events.  It would be a lovely place for such an event.

The flowers on the breakfast table were from their cutting garden.  A good breakfast was served both mornings...well except I do not like poached eggs............the cook offered to make me a different egg but as the breakfast was plenty I declined.  

Our room had antique furniture and a sitting area.  We both thought the bathroom had not be updated since the B & B was opened in 1981.  It was certainly clean but I wanted to use the space a bit more wisely and give it a remodel. 

Warren enjoyed a cup of coffee and reading the paper in the morning before we ate our hearty breakfast each day.  This room has a homey ranch look to it and was only heated by a fireplace. 

Guests were welcome to walk the paths and country roads around the ranch.  This picture tells the story of tractors abandoned in a vineyard.

I could not resist taking a picture of this electric pole riddled with holes.  It has been patched and almost looked like a piece of art.

 Beltane Ranch was a grand place to relax and be our home headquarters for a couple of days visiting wineries in the Sonoma and Napa Valley region. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wine Country

Warren and I spent two relaxing days in California Wine Country before we headed to see Stacey, Rhett, Samantha and Sage. 

I wonder if Warren will let me use this for his Facebook photo???

Our wine from here has arrived.  I think it is party time. :)  We brought 6 bottles of wine and one jar of olive oil home in our suitcases.  They delivered a case and a half today so I think we are set until our next trip out west.  This winery had some wonderful cheeses but we were only able to buy a couple to share with the Californians. 

Outing with the Four Monkeys

We spent some time at Sutter Creek and then headed to California Cavern State Historical Landmark.  I never told anyone that I was not really gun ho on descending into a hole in the ground.  But all and all it was a good experience.  The kids are great about exploring new and different things in nature and this is one more good adventure. 

 The Six Adventures!!!

Inside the cave.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

California Trip

We just returned with spending some time in California.  Most of it was spent with our son and his family.  This is our first trip to see them since they returned to the states. 

Stacey picked up us at the car rental place on Friday.  We were at the school to greet the kids when they got out early. 

We were as happy to see the kids as they were to see us.
It was grand to see Stacey and Rhett also. 

Something is wrong with this program so I will load more pictures later. 

Friday, February 3, 2012


On a trip to town this past Monday, as I drove by the creek there were two mature eagles flying and then perched in a tree. I did not have my cell phone so I could not even attempt to take a picture. They were lovely to look at and watch fly. Sighting them is not that unheard of but they most likely are just passing through.

Now if I had got a picture this is what it would have looked like.  Only there were two eagles sitting close together in a tree .  And the tree did not have any foliage.  And the eagles would have been smiling. 

A girl friend saw one a couple of days later about 2 miles away.