Sunday, November 17, 2013

I wanted to spill the beans on Veteran’s Day but it was requested that our knowledge of an award be keep quite.  Last night my father's family was given the Sullivan Brothers Outstanding Military Family Award.  I felt like a mini family reunion last night.  The award was presented by the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum which is part of the Grout Museum District. 
There was a write up about the family and the award in today's Waterloo Ceder Falls, Courier. It can be found at King-sized military family wins Sullivan award.

Warren and I visited the museum a couple of  years ago.  It is a worthwhile stop if you are in the Waterloo, Iowa area.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in military history.  
As a child I enjoyed visits the museum as they had a pioneer section.  I loved the Laura Ingles Wilder books and the museum helped make them real.  The pioneer section is still there but it is much smaller that I remember.  I doubt if some of Laura's homes were much bigger than the displays.