Sunday, August 8, 2010

Iowa Irish Fest

In 2007 a Waterloo Irish Pub had an afternoon party in the parking lot behind their building.  Every year this event has grown.  Now they commander a local park and the block in front of the pub.  We went for the first time last year.  This year I came armed with a camera. 

There were some real and not so real Irish dancers.  
This group of dancers travels the world and wins award.

They had Highland Games.  
This one involved lifting a pole and if successful tossing it end over end.

Just to get the pole off the ground is a feat.

 A pitch fork is stuck into a gunny sack that has been stuffed with straw.  This is tossed behind and above you over a pole that is raised higher after every round.  Both gals and guys competed in this game.
They also threw rocks and a weight over a bar.  Warren and I could just imagine how the games came into being years ago in rural Ireland.  Being an Iowa farm boy Warren recalls that he could toss bales seven high.  Being German they were tossed up to the one stacking bales and no Tom Foolery was allowed.  
There was no Guinness in his household.

I became fascinated by the question of "What is a guy supposed to wear with his kilt."

Work boots? Sandals? Tennis shoes? Cleats?

Tall socks, no socks?

Kilt hose and flashes.  
My next question is what do you wear under the kilt?

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