Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rain in the forecast

The rain today will make cleaning the outside of my windows a bit of a challenge - oh drats - I may just have to forgo that bit of work.  We pick up friends late this afternoon for a short visit.  Other friends will join us on Saturday. What began as a camping weekend has become a bed and breakfast get together.  Warren and I were the only non campers in this group when we all had young children in the 70's.  Slowly, without any fanfare, our friends, sold, wore out, or encountered mysteriously disappearing camping equipment. 

The one mainstay of this gathering is the hog roast.  Accompanied with the great food everyone contributes to our time shared.  We named this get together "Sowside".  I suspect "Swine and Wine" might be more fitting.  No exercise this weekend unless one considers talking and eating an aerobic endeavor.

They are all grown up now.  Our daughter has two children and Chris is an actor in LA.  The little guy is married.

One main stay is the sampling of meat before it ever gets to the house.

The other main stay is Paul rounding us up for a group photo.  He encounters much grumbling.  The memory photo of everyone together is priceless.


Tana said...

I can't wait to see everyone!

Maria Killam said...

Thank you for what you said about me at PVE, so sweet! You just made my day!