Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lanesboro, MN

Warren and I are off on a mini vacation to Lanesboro Tuesday morning.  We will stay at a B & B we have enjoyed before.  The bikes will be packed in the back of Warren's pick up as the trails are plentiful.  We will also bring along some books to read.  It will be a three day two night get away.  We are hoping it recharges us for the fall harvest season ahead. I plan to take lots of pictures and bore you when we return.

My Dad has had some health issues lately.  He went into the hospital early on the 12.  At first they said he had food poisoning but now are not so sure.  He came home on Tuesday.  Every day he shows some small improvements in his ability to get around but as of now he is using a walker with assistance.  Therapy is helping him regain strength and a bit of mobility.  Cindi has been his around the clock nurse and without her they would not have been able to have him home.  Mom and I have taken care of the many details and phone calls that have been needed the past week or so.  Health care  is not an easy road to travel.  Hopefully with a bit of time and assistance they will be able to enjoy life again.


Millie said...

Have a lovely time away Rebecca. I'm sure your Mum & Dad will enjoy your company immensely.
Millie ^_^

VictoriaArt said...

Hope you and your husband enjoy those days and your dad may recover soon!