Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Birthday Number Two

Samantha is our second April birthday.  She has lived it four different cities in the last eight years.   We enjoy her (mostly) quiet and sweet personality. 
Their school is out on a two week break.  Rhett, Stacey, and kids are off on a trip.  They use school breaks for travel in their part of the world.  This year it is a trip to Thailand.  Sam is the traveler of the two kids.  She has been excited about going for some time.  Samantha is already talking about their next trip in July when they will come our way for a visit.
Sam likes to read, ride her bike, hike, and spend time with friends.  She and Sage have introduced their neighborhood to Halloween trick or treating American style.  Her friends have tried some American treats when visiting or over for a party.  Rice Krispie treats did not go over well but popcorn with cheese balls did. 
The day after Samantha was born we headed to Davenport to see her for the first time.  They brought her home to the lovely new place Stacey and Rhett built in Muscatine.  It was a beautiful house and would have been a great place to raise a family.  John Deere had another idea.  By the time she was a couple of months old they were living in Ankeny.  After four years they were off to California with Rhett's new job.  Mountain House was home for less than two years when his employer, Topcon, asked them to move to the Australian continent.   After celebrating her sixth birthday early they were on their way to living in Mawson Lakes, a suburb of Adelaide. 
Our Birthday Girl in January 2009

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VictoriaArt said...

What a story! Quite the action in the family! I am not sure if I could do it...(LOL, I have moved big time more then enough...)
But she is so adorable and does she look a bit like you?

Happy Birthday sweet Samantha!