Friday, April 9, 2010


I have always liked to see eagles soaring in the sky. It is a sight I have witnessed only a few times in my life. Picture a lovely home nestled in the woods. Picture too a room full of woman. Add to that picture an eagle only yards away flying through the woods. Silence and total absorbance became the demeanor of the group as the eagle flew nearby.

Today Hannah is taking part of a two day event. Her team is a part of our state's Future Problem Solving competition. Her Eagle teacher is the same one our son had when he was in school. Mrs. Bailey is one of the "really good teachers." Her goal is to enrich the lives of her pupils by giving them the tools to become all that their intelligence affords.

When she took on the Tag program in our school it was new to our district. In the 20 plus years she has done this many students have benefited. My wish is that more students could be in this program.

She keeps in touch with her former students in the form of e mails that I have been told arrive weekly. They in turn value her adult friendship.

May Hannah and her team soar like eagles.


pve design said...

I love when I can spot an Eagle soaring and then landing ever so gracefully in a tree.
I have a photo of myself near a tree somewhat similar from high school.

pve design said...
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VictoriaArt said...

What wonderful wish for your grand daughter! I am sure she will soar! She looks so sweet and smart!
You write the most interesting family stories and such great memories you keep and create!
Thank you for you warm wishes for Lottie's birthday! She had a blast!!!

Spring is here - I remember you being so tired of it and now you can enjoy all of it! Me too!