Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Birthday Number Three

It is official Malissa and Matt now have two teenagers.

Hannah is my game player. She and I need our game playing fix regularly. Since she was young we have had our special games. My favorite is Tantrix. It is not Hannah's favorite so she uses it as an incentive to get me to play the ones she likes. Only after playing all of her favorites can we play my game. She loves Headache, Bonkers, Stadium checkers, Monopoly, Aggravation, Rook, Gobble It, and Strawberry Shortcake. And she loves to play Pit. I refuse to play that game unless there are at least four players. It was always our Christmas Eve game when my sister Deb and family joined us Christmas Eve. It is a rowdy game.  That is what makes it fun. Hannah and I both love to play Backgammon. Most of my games are ones left over from when Malissa and Rhett were growing up. The Backgammon was getting rather used so Warren gave me a lovely wood set this year for Christmas. Now we play in style. Hannah still wins most of the time but not as often as Malissa used to beat me. I think that after she turned 11 I won a total of twice. I could have the best game going yet she could somehow pull off a win. One game Hannah does not like is Scrabble. She will only play that once or twice a year when we have a family game night.

Hannah is a fun gal. Until this year when she went out for sports I would pick he up from school. Her after school treat of long standing is marshmallows (and string cheese). What we like best is for the marshmallows to turn hard. There is most often a bowl or two of marshmallows left out to dry in a kitchen cabinet. We have done the taste test on marshmallows fresh from the bag and those that are hard. Our expert opinion is that Kraft Jet Puffed is the winner. We take our marshmallows very seriously. Two years ago she and I learn to make homemade marshmallows. The experience earned her an Iowa State Fair blue ribbon. They are wonder in hot chocolate. But they taste incredible roasted over a fire or in s'mores.

I have had the privilege of helping both Hannah and Kelsey with 4-H projects. They both have become excellent basket makers. We have cooked, painted, sewed, and matted photos together. I have guided them in poster making and on their working exhibits. It has been so much fun to see their independence and knowledge grow each year.

This year she has tried and liked the school sports of volleyball and track. Hannah plays in the local soccer league.

We had a great time shopping in Des Moines last Sunday after we enjoyed our noon meal and gift opening at the resturant of her choice. The shopping gene is alive and well with her.

Happy Birthday Hannah Marie

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VictoriaArt said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!
It is such fun to grow up and to be a teenager, right?
My daughter just turned 13 as well!

You are one lucky girl to be surrounded by such a loving family and especially your marvellous grandma!
I think she adores you all and is so sweet helping you to become wonderful woman one day!

I used to play Chinese checkers with my grandma. And now we love scrabble and chess and we make a lot of music too!

Hope your day was lovely!