Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Tim Tam Slam

Since our son brought us three packages of Tim Tams from Australia last month we have been saving some (as in rationing). For a long time they sat on the higher counter in our kitchen as a testament to his visit. One day I put a package in the frig. An Internet research on the proper way to do the Tim Tam Slam acquainted me with the information that it works best to use cold cookies. The next morning both granddaughters accused us of eating the Tim Tams. Hannah does not even like Tim Tams but missed seeing them. She does not like Oreo cookies, so what do you expect?

Kelsey and I were the only ones brave enough to do the Tim Tam Slam. We bit off opposite ends of the cookies and then used it as a straw.
The rest of the family missed out on a real treat. Tim Tam Slam cookies are the best!!


Maria Killam said...

Looks yummy, I would like one!

Maria Killam said...

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