Friday, October 2, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My Mom once told me that I will be late for my own funeral. Being early is not one of my great attributes. As today is only the second of the month I am not sure if this post is early in the month of Breast Cancer Awareness or a day late because the month is over a day old.

This post is to honor all who have or have had Breast Cancer. Most especially this is a tribute to my sister, Cindi, who 12 years ago was fighting her personal battle with cancer. She celebrates her 12 year of being cancer free this year. I know first hand that not only the person with cancer but the whole family is effected when cancer is diagnosed.

To all those who run the race for the cure, wear pink for the cause, buy a cancer stamp, gave money to a cancer charity, have battled the disease, or helped another in their battle, I salute you.


VictoriaArt said...

You are so sweet, I remembered too a bit tooo late, being occupied with my own nilly willy stuff of life....
Anyway , if you head over to Pigtown design blog, you can click at her post of 'Think pink' and someone receives a free can go to this site as often as you want!

Enjoy your weekend!

Millie said...

A lovely post Rebecca in recognition of your sister's triumph. Thank you for your beautiful words over @ The Hedge for My Mum's Pink Post.
Millie ^_^