Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tim Tams

We came away from our Australian visit last year with a love of Tim Tam cookies. Stacey started us off with the generic version with the warning that the real thing was better. Soon we were buying packages to bring home. By the time we landed in America our suitcases were stuffed with about a dozen packages to eat and share.

Monday our son was here on a brief visit while in the States on business. He left us with three packages of the Aussie Tim Tams. They come in a lot of flavors, everyone has one or two they like best. I have my favorites but if the truth be told "I like them all!!!"

There is one package with a delicious dilemma chance. One year's supply of Tim Tams or a holiday is the grand prize. I dare say the year's supply may be the most expensive option for the company. We will definitely visit their site to see if we have won. .... Yea, you must be an Australian or NZ resident to win so when my number is the grand prize winner, my winnings will have to go to our son, daughter in law and their kids. That will prompt another visit from us as they will have to share!

It was wonderful having Rhett visit. He was sent on his way with hugs and kisses for his family and some of Mom's cookies for his road trip travels.


Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh my, what are these wondrous confections?! Makes me want to move across the globe...

lady jicky said...

I live in Australia and I cannot see the "addiction " to Tim Tams! LOL
Here I am up to my knees with Tim Tams in our supermarkets and they do not tempt me!
Mind you - has your family sent you their Mint Slice ????
Now they are addictive. LOL

Millie said...

I occasionally treat myself to a Tim Tam treat (dark choc. is my fave). Did Rhett introduce you to a Tim Tam Slam? If not you need to ask him about it! Re: your query about those gorgeous ear-rings on my side bar. You are in luck as they come from a really talented young US designer. Her online store is You'll get a lovely surprise too with the prices, they are very reasonable. Hint for Rebecca's Dear Hsuband!
Millie ^_^

pve design said...

My Aussie neighbor and friend served these and told me she found them at Target!!! I loved them.