Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Today is Deb's birthday in two days Cindi will celebrate her birthday. My sisters are two years and two days apart in age. In between our father's only brother celebrates his birthday. Uncle Evan has the only extended family birthday I recall with absolute certainly.

Rebecca, Deborah, Cynthia

aka Becky, Debbie, Cindi

aka Bec, Deb, Cin

We sometimes sign our e-mails B, D, c.

Granddaughter, Kelsey spelled Cin's name Sin for the longest time. It was easy to see how that can happen with a young speller. Cin's is a bit of an angel so the spelling always came as a small shock.

Once, a long time ago, I thought I would name my first girl, if I had one, after my sisters. I loved the name Deborah Denice. Cin's middle name is Denice. At that time I thought my daughter could be then be called DD. By the time I was pregnant with our first child that bit of silliness had long passed. Malissa can be thankful for that.

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Millie said...

A lovely post Rebecca! Yes, I'm sure Malissa is grateful, it's such a pretty name. I can thank my sweet Grannie for saving me - my father was hell-bent on naming me Marjorie which even in 1956 wasn't exactly cool. My Grannie apparently protested very loudly on my behalf, my dear Dad eventually relented & as strange as I often think it is, I got Millie instead! Thanks Gran!
Millie ^_^