Monday, July 27, 2009

County Fair and Friends

Last week was County Fair week. I took the Kelsey and Hannah over last on Monday with their exhibits. I forgot my camera so all I have are some not very good cell phone photos. Since they got home from vacation the previous Saturday there were things they had to do Monday morning for their exhibits. I stuffed folders and such to help them get ready for the fair.

The girls also did working exhibits with friends on Thursday. I help Hannah’s group more than Kelsey’s. Hannah's friends, Cydney and Jenny, were her companions teaching how to fold an heart into an envelope. It was a fun idea and the judge liked it well enough to send it to State Fair. Kelsey and Britney made ice cream in two cans and in plastic bags. They gave out samples and most likely had the most participants. It is a State Fair alternate. Secretly I was hoping they did not go to State Fair as transporting all the ice and ice cream to Des Moines would have been a hassle. I did not take my camera so I have no pictures.

On Friday Hannah showed a llama. There is a rent a llama program. The program consists on learning to show a llama. Classes are held monthly and then weekly for this purpose. Hannah had a good time and did well. I finally remembered my camera.

Saturday we had friends in for an event we dubbed Sowside Resort in 1982. It is a way to keep in touch with friends we made while living in Dubuque. We roast a whole hog and everyone brings food. It is some of the best eating we do all year. This year was no exception.
As usual my picture taking was slim. Paul is the official photographer. Sometimes we grumble a bit when he announces it is time for the official group photo but we are always thankful when he shares his photos.

Our granddaughters must have captured my camera because I found some surprise photos today. Hannah must have asked someone to take a few pictures of her with Taylor. Taylor is a friend of my parents from Florida. She is a sweet 13 year old who was at one time their neighbor. I think she enjoyed Iowa last week.

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