Friday, February 17, 2012

Wine Country

Warren and I spent two relaxing days in California Wine Country before we headed to see Stacey, Rhett, Samantha and Sage. 

I wonder if Warren will let me use this for his Facebook photo???

Our wine from here has arrived.  I think it is party time. :)  We brought 6 bottles of wine and one jar of olive oil home in our suitcases.  They delivered a case and a half today so I think we are set until our next trip out west.  This winery had some wonderful cheeses but we were only able to buy a couple to share with the Californians. 

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pve design said...

How wonderful. My husband and I shall be celebrating our 25th anniversary in September and we are planning a trip to the Wine country.....
I will have to get your tips and lists of stops.