Sunday, July 31, 2011

More about Fair

Fair is over for this year. But there are still pictures to share. 

Kelsey took a pen of three chickens and another pen of one.  All her chickens got blue ribbons.

Hannah took her black blue ribbon bunny by the name of Herbert Ninninger.

 Kelsey is taking her bee project writeup to state fair.  Hannah has her Anzac Biscuits going.  Both girls had several projects that were considered.  They consistently do wonderful projects.  A lot of work goes into each exhibit.  Most of the items that go on to the Iowa State Fair have excellent write ups included with the project.  Unlike at the county fair where the kids talk with a judge, the only communication with the judges is done with the project folder at state fair.  Hannah also has a poster that was a state fair alternate.  For some reason this is going too.  The poster has to be redone as she had used chewing gum on it and because of the heat it melted and ruined part of the poster. 

The friends they stayed with in Australia introduced them to this Assie/New Zealand cookie.

Kelsey did the art work for this poster and made it a fun presentation.

I wanted some original art for one of our guest bedrooms.  This should be fun to frame and hang.

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