Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time for Holiday Decorating

I can pretend this is our front door.

Or that this is in our conservatory. 
Five years ago we spent some time at Biltmore during the Christmas season.
The place was grand and lovely.  I suspect the Christmas decorations alone rival the value of our home.

My favorite Santa collection.  These are all by a USA company by the name of Vaillancourt.
The are made using old ice cream and chocolate molds and then hand painted.
The fun of getting them out each year is looking at the details.
The white one in the center is the first.  
I bought it when I fell in love with the painting on the back of Santa's coat.
Sometimes the back is a lovely as the front.
 The snowmen are so cute.


VictoriaArt said...

Oh, they are wonderful. I collect smoking man, little incense burner, made in my old home State Saxony in Germany.

PS: Did you get my email regarding the blog?

pve design said...

Yes, it is time for honoring and decorating and I love looking over past photos. That is a wonderful one of your husband amidst all those poinsettas!