Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20th

Today is our lovely daughter-in-law's birthday, a nephew's birthday, and our anniversary.  

We are glad to share this date with Stacey.  

She spent her 21st birthday with us when we celebrated our 25th wedding Anniversary.
That evening we took our kids and my parents out to eat. 

Stacey at 21

 The rule is that I do not get gifts with a cord.
Warren thinks that a battery powered drill counts.
I do not!

Diamonds do count!

We spent a wonderful week in Charleston.  
It was a beautiful place to visit.
Lots of historic homes, great dining, and early US history to absorb.
We had a great time while Rhett was back home fighting
cold, snow, ice, and help that did not show up. 


VictoriaArt said...

Happy anniversary! What a lovely coincidence with your daughter in law!
I agree on your ground rules of gift giving....; )
For me: No clothes either!
Ps: About the blog: In a nutshell, my son build it for me, it's basically three blogs in one....
But it took his skills to do it. I'll email you!

Enjoy your day!
xoxo Victoria

Stacey said...

Eek! These are the best photos you have of me over a 20-year span?!?!

That is a busy day, isn't it?? And a good one!!!

Rebecca said...

I found a better picture and replace it. I really must try to get a good picture or two of you when we visit.

The 20th certainly is a good date!!