Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blacksmith Boutique

I want to introduce you to Deb Ewoldt.
She is the owner/operator of this establishment.

She makes things like this.  

And this
piece of garden art.

And this fun piece.

Deb at work in the back of her shop.  

Deb's work gear - leather gloves and apron.
In college she was a model.
Her dad was a welder in the small town of Dysart, Iowa.
One day she had a vision of this building being used by more than one enterprise.
She bought the building in 2006.
It now houses her shop, a lunch room and a classy home accessories store.
Several other shops line main street.  I think all are owned or run by women.

 I asked Mom if she had any ideas for a Father's Day gift
for Dad.  After a couple of days she e mailed me with the idea of a sign
to put in the two lots they own next to their condo.
Since buying them last year they had cleaned up the lots
and flower bed.  Mom now has a flower garden mixed with a few
vegetables for summer eating.
Dad has started referring to the lots as Hultman Park.
After Mom presented me with the idea I contacted my siblings to ask what they 
thought about a group gift.  After I got the go ahead, Mom and I made a quick trip to 
Dysart to visit Deb.  She had the perfect sheet of metal and went right to work.  

I think this rates a "WOW".


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Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

I'm so excited to have found this info as I was looking to see what Deb does as my husband and I are gonna take a class with her in Oct...awesome