Monday, June 14, 2010

Yea, it worked!!!

I have always loved the wood panel frig.
Great look with our open kitchen.
After 20 years it was dying.  We have put off buying a new one until the day I noticed the gasket was hanging down the bottom of the frig.  For years I had read that a new refrigerator pays for its self in a few of years time in electrical use.  Yea, but you still have to pay for a new one. 
Off we went shopping for a frig. 
Three trips later we had settled on our favorite.
First off we discovered that unless we wanted a smaller frig our space was too small.
For some odd reason we had less than 33 inches and we were an inch short.
So I/we began thinking, why not buy what we really wanted if the carpenters had to be hired.

To say that I have had refrigerator envy since my friend Barb got her new frig five years ago
is an apt statement. 
I try to stay away from that envy, lust, sloth stuff but sometimes it happens.

Really I wanted her frig and for her to have a nicer one.

So we lined up the carpenters and had the new frig delivered.
After waiting one day for the carpenters to show up
the job was started.

Simple job: 
Remove cabinet above the frig,
remove the door to laundry room,
replace the door with a smaller door,
fix the bamboo floor for the new doorway,
fix the paneling in the laundry room,
build a wine cabinet,
replace the overhead cabinet,
and hope it all works, fits and looks good.

I am good with the vision.
Will I be good with the instructions to the carpenters?

Will it fit?

It looks like a touch down.
Yes, measure three times,
cut once.
Actually I think Kirk and I measured the frig three times each.
I know he measured the wine cabinet several times before putting it together.

The frig fit perfect. 
Kelsey wanted to pull off the protective plastic.
That job was harder than it looked. 
This was heavy duty stuff.

We are very pleased with the way it turned out.
Our refrigerator is so much roomer 
and I do not have to bend over to find
and get items out of the frig part.

I still have to put the items above the cabinets back in place.
And the door to the laundry room is not completely varnished
and rehung.  Jobs for this week.  First the lawn needs mowed.


Stacey said...

I like it, too! It looks enormous.

Anonymous said...

So! When do I get one that meets your standards. I mean, really. Who needs ice and water in the door?

Your friend,

P.S. My frig is now 7 years old. Time flies, you know.

Millie said...

I've a bad dose of frig envy here Rebecca!
Millie ^_^

VictoriaArt said...

This is wonderful. I know what you are talking about. When we bought our house, which came with a fridge, we were happy and moved in July 1st with a toddler and a newborn...10 days later the fridge broke and since it was 10 years old, we had to replace it... it was a huge sticker shock, since we just had spend an arm and a leg to fix the house for move in day!
Well, we had to and it's still running (10 years in a couple of days.....) Keep your fingers crossed it lives a little longer....
Yours is gorgeous! You will enjoy it every time you step into your kitchen, which is always...