Friday, March 19, 2010

Lion & Lamb

March is the month when the wind blows like both a lamb and a lion.  Yesterday was a lamb day.  Today the lion is very evident.

The blog header picture 
rather off kilter

Saw geese flying north in a V
Tulips making there way
Snow almost gone
Longer days

Too early to do anything but look and pick up sticks and rocks.
Yes rocks!

Because we use a snow blower to remove the snow from our lane and the drives to buildings, some of the gravel gets caught in the blower and scattered on the lawn.  Every spring, after a snowy winter, we rake and use the shop vac to remove the gravel from the lawn so it does not damage the mower blade.  Gravel on a lawn is not a look we like. 

Tulips and Ugly Leaves

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Carol said...

You vacuum your lawn?!? Oh, my goodness.