Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kelsey Jill

Today is the 24th. It is my dad’s mother’s birth date. I have some things written about her that I will share at a later date. Because we will be gone on the 27th we took the Kelsey and her family out to brunch today to celebrate her birthday.

(No she did not get Ziploc bags.)

This lovely gal is our “First”. On Wednesday she turns 16. Yes, “16 candles make a lovely light”.

To say we were excited at the birth of our first grandchild is an understatement. Her Mom and Dad did not want to know until she was born if she would be a girl or boy. Once we knew we had a granddaughter we had fun buying lots of girl stuff, toys, outfits, and a beautiful walnut cradle.

It was love at first sight. We soon got into a routine where she would spend one day a week with us instead of the babysitter. On that day, she and I would play, read, cook, eat and do most anything but work. One by one I would introduce her to her Mom’s and Uncle Rhett’s old toys. I had saved most of the games, and some of the toys. There is a cupboard in the basement that held tinker toys, blocks, the Sesame Street playhouse, barn, and airport. We discovered legos, old books, dolls, cards, Lincoln logs, and more. Now unless the Australians come the toys, books, and childhood games are stored for another generation.

It sixteen she will get her drivers license. Her world has changed much since she was born but the love we share with her grows. We take delight in being part of her life. She is a lover of animals, books, drawing, soccer, and her Grandma’s omelets. She and I have had fun sewing together. I have helped her lean to weave a basket, make a posters, and cook for 4-H. She helps her Grandpa with projects on the farm. He had her painting some small projects this past summer. We now have 4 regular white LP tanks and one yellow submarine. The back on the one building is covered in graffiti.

We are both delighted to call Kelsey Jill our lovely 16 year old granddaughter.

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VictoriaArt said...

Happy sweet sixteen!
She looks so delighted at the opening of her box....
I am sure you all enjoy the time together.
I loved my grandma more then anybody growing up, it's a special bond!