Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Remembered

Growing up Christmas was such a fun time. (It is still fun but now it is lots of work, too.)  This picture includes me, sisters Deb and Cin, with our brother, Scott. It looks like we are each holding a gift or two. I think Deb is sitting in a small round chair that we fought over. I wish one of us still had that chair. I am certain they are out there but I have never seen another one like it. It was round, with a partial back and it moved in a complete circle. We would call saved when we needed to get up from sitting on it. If one did not call out "saved" the chair was fair game for a new recipient.

I suspect I was about 7 or 8 years in age in the picture below. As the oldest of 13 grandchildren my memories of good times with my father's parents are many. Here my sisters and I are pictured with three of the Jensen boys. My plaid taffeta skirt was one of my favorites. I love seeing the tree and furniture from that era.

Christmas 2009 with Malissa, Matt, Kelsey and Hannah 


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

The years just go by too fast... this was a sweet post.

Maria Killam said...

Christmas is love and family! So great!
Happy New year!

Janean said...

adore the skirt, but those glasses reminded me of MINE when i was in second grade...way cool then! sweet blog!

VictoriaArt said...

Oh, I love to browse once in a while the old pictures in the photo albums. My mom has kept them up to date and when I go back, we sit together and remember the days gone by!
I love your pictures, filled with memories and emotions!

What a nice family you've got!

Happy New Year and enjoy every day!


Millie said...

A truly lovely pic of your beautiful family Rebecca. How did the Adelaide mob handle our 110F. days earlier in the week? We held our breath up here in the Hills, but the bushfire siren in Stirling stayed mercifully silent.
Millie ^_^

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