Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Walk

Weather permitting a lot of mornings I will walk down our lane to the gravel road that takes you to town in one direction or north to more country roads. We live about a quarter of a mile from the road so the gravel dust is not a big issue unless I am walking. We have have had almost six inches of rain since Friday so today I knew dust would not be a concern while I walked. Yesterday we had a rain and wind storm. Our corn crop shows a bit of wind damage. Most likely the damage will not be too large, as far as our crop yields are concerned, but never less it is not a pretty sight. Along the lane is some of the most extensive damage. Yesterday this corn was standing tall and straight.

This view is from the road. The beans are a bit flat in spots but should come back once the sun hits them.

A neighbor is spraying their corn crop. This time of year planes and helicopters can be seen spraying for insects and disease.

I walk to this small building that was once part of a farmstead. Some times I will walk a bit more but if time, heat, or laziness are an issue this is the usual goal.

I must be able to view the back of the shed before turning around and heading home. My guess is that my walk is a bit over a mile to this half way point. Someday I will get a pedometer.

Once home I took a look at a few trees that were damaged in the wind.

Thanks for going on another walk.

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Millie said...

Have so enjoyed a wander on your property Rebecca, & you make such a friendly guide, thank you.
Millie ^_^