Wednesday, June 17, 2009

$ Smile $

New Smile

Old Smile
Kelsey was being goofy with some scraps from a 4-H poster she made. I think it highlights her old smile and her fun attitude.
Yesterday I took her to get the braces off. She is one happy gal. Her Orthodontist sent her home with the used braces and a gift bag of things she can now eat. Regular popcorn is now on the menu.

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Millie said...

I do remember that momentous day! And the look of dismay on the Orthodontist's face as he waved the last of our mob goodbye from his office. I could almost hear him saying 'Well, there's goes my ski-ing trip to France next year!'
Enjoy your new found food freedom Kelsey, you've earnt it.
Millie ^_^