Monday, November 14, 2011

I Painted This

Last year we got a new stainless steel frig. It matched none of our other appliances but as the ones we saw that we could use our wood front with were way out of our price range we elected to slowly change out the appliances to stainless. About that time I read in a blog about painting with a stainless steel paint. The stove, frig and dishwasher all looked good in the blog so I ordered the paint. Well, that was over a year ago. Last week I finally got brave enough to try this. Warren took off the metal front of the dishwasher for me. It was a bit of a task but not too hard of a job. Then it was up to me to see if this would work. I figured I could always remove the paint and spray paint it black again if we did not like how it turned out. The kit came with a small small brush that fit into the paint cans.  The directions said that the bigger the foam brush the easier it would be to apply the paint.  I figured it would be just as easy to use the brush it came with and not mess with pouring the paint into something bigger.  I used the can of spray paint that came with the kit first.  Then using the brush in one direction I added three coats of the stainless steel paint before applying the top coat. The directions said to use very light coats.

We are both pleased with how it turned out. It updated our 5 year old appliance and when our 25 plus year old stove quits the kitchen will coordinate.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well done you!

VictoriaArt said...

I am glad you were so brave! It's looking good!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Love Where You Live said...

I always have wondered if that really works. Good for you! And thanks for stopping by Love Where You Live!