Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birthday Time for my Wonderful Guy

Today we celebrate Warren's birthday.  They got started and then quickly quit combining our soybeans today.  The beans looked dry but tested wetter than they should be for delivery.  When one farms it is often up in the air as to when an October birthday will be celebrated.  I made girlfriend plans as Warren said to go ahead because they were doing our beans today. 

He grew up with the red tractor brand of equipment but now it is green as far you can see.
As the saying goes "It is just the size of the toys."


VictoriaArt said...

Happy Birthday, Warren! You have the loveliest family!
Many happy returns! And good health!

pve design said...

Happy Birthday to Warren. Wishing your wonderful guy a special crop. Good health and beans on the menu!

Millie said...

A belated Happy Brthday to the wonderful Wazza. We hope that you eventually were the centre of attention big guy on your special day & not those dang soybeans!
Love from Millie & MOTH xx