Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Samantha turns Nine

Our Samantha has two middle names.  Her initials form the word sass.  She is seldom a sassy girl unless you want to refer to her style of dressing.  In a day when girls outgrow putting on dresses at an early age she still enjoys dressing up.  Her closet is filled with party dresses.  Kelsey and Hannah have handed down their out grown dresses.  And with two grandmothers and one great grandmother who like to buy pretty things Samantha has a closet filled with lovely frocks.  She is a gal who when issued an invitation to a restaurant will pick out a dress to wear when the rest of the family wears slacks or jeans. 


Before Samantha was born, while everyone was wondering what date the babe would arrive, Hannah announced that she would give up her April 18th birth date to the new born.  In exchange Hannah would just take a different date. It still makes me chuckle that she would give up the date but she did not want to share the date. This all made for perfect logic in the mind of a soon to be five year old.

Samantha’s birthday this year will be her last in the single digits.    When Stacey and Rhett announced they were going to have a baby we were happy to know that we would have another grandkid to spoil and love.  I recall making a vague promise to not do too much spoiling.  The truth be told I do not think we have done too badly………...   I confess I think that spoiling is in the job description of grand parenting.

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VictoriaArt said...

Happy happy birthday, Samantha!
What a sweet and pretty girl you are!
And I agree on all accounts Rebecca! Grandparents are there to enjoy and spoil them a little bit!
I am sure you do just the right thing!
Your grandmotherly pride shows through every word!
Have a wonderful day together!
Much love!