Thursday, March 10, 2011


Since last fall we have had four Blue Jays.  I assume there are two pairs.  For the past week I have not seen any of them.  I am wondering where they have gone to.

In the fall we would sometimes see one lone male Cardinal. This winter we have not spied him at all.  Then yesterday I saw him and then later a small female cardinal.  I hope that they are a pair that have taken up residence.  Did he do a reconnaissance in the fall and after finding her convince her to take a look at the perfect place he found?   
Photo: Cardinal in tree with snow

I hope they find the food to their liking and our trees to their preference. 

Picture courtesy of National Geographic 

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VictoriaArt said...

Rebecca, what a beautiful image! Isn't National Geographic so amazing? I love that magazine!
Did you see the issue about the world's population? It was incredible!
You should have a look at this Etsy site:

She has the most incredible photography!

Thank you so much for your wonderful e-mail!
I appreciate it so!

Hope you will be able to communicate again soon!