Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Second Job

I have been working extra hours as an enumerator for the US Census Bureau.  This job is proving to be full of stories that can not be shared.   So far the dogs have been friendly, most people pleasant, and I have managed to dodge the rain and thunder storms.  The hours have been mostly late in the day, early evening and weekends.
I am thankful my farm tasks are relatively easy to complete around my usual do what I want schedule.  This census job is crimping my style. ( I have not been to Barns and Noble for three weeks.)  The job will likely only last another week or so.  

Our rhododendron was lovely a couple of weeks ago.
I think this plant was put in the ground 30 years ago.  


VictoriaArt said...
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VictoriaArt said...

That was me above, made a spelling mistake to laugh about!!!

Love your blossoming rhododendron! Just gorgeous!
And you are a busy woman, I am sure you hear a lot of stories...

Much love!