Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harvest is Winding Down

While not as nice as his recliner, Warren looks pretty comfortable in the combine cab. Controls for running the machine are in the orange joy stick. Yea, kind of like a video game. The controls for speed, running the head, and unloading auger are all there. The newer combines all have a buddy seat so one can ride along in comfort. I recall the times I rode with my bum just verily sharing the driver's seat.

The corn is suppose to be in nice, neat rows. Wind damage resulted in a lot of twisted corn. It was a big challenge to stay on the rows in some areas. The radio is used to talk with the truckers and the person running the grain cart.

Another look at the combine in action.

The view out of our eating area window yesterday morning.

We will finish the 2009 harvest soon.

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Millie said...

What a wonderful feeling finishing will be for you all Rebecca!