Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some things that make me happy

Some things I love - in no particular order.

The guy I married; a garden in bloom; stars; a lazy afternoon spent in my hammock; reading a great book; Chocolate; a baby’s soft head and skin; holding a little one in my arms; pictures of family; travel, especially England; going for walks; Mom’s pies; spending time with our children, their spouses and grand children; buying plants; riding my bike where it is not too hilly; the smell of saw dust makes me happy my Dad built our home when I was a young girl; Genealogy ; our home; home magazines; Friends; a clean house; Saturday at the book store; making things with the grand kids; learning something new; gardening; puzzles and games; shells; sayings; blue and more.

I found a picture of our kids and their kids but it is small in size.

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Maria Killam said...

Lately I have been grateful for so many things in my life. It's good to know what makes one happy!