Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas photos from the third on January.

Our home will be filled with trains and Polly Pockets the next few days. The dolls have what seems like millions of tiny cloths, shoes, purses, etc. and etc. The train track changes daily and winds its way under furniture and takes up most of the free space in the living room. Ours is certainly a room for living.

Australian Opel.

Australian Uggs.

Hannah and her i pod shuffle.

Dad and his girl.

Stacy opening a gift.

More trains.

We picked up the Aussies about nine thirty New Years Eve at the Des Moines air port. After we got home I fixed a quick and easy meal. Warren, I, Samantha and Sage then spent a few minutes looking at the packages under the tree. At midnight Sage wanted to know where the trains were.

Sage was sick on their last day of vacation in New Zealand and on part of their trip over. Everyone was well until yesterday. Sam spent yesterday sick. Rhett did not feel so well either. At this point we are not certain if this is a case of new germs or the old ones showing their ugliness.

I suspect we will all want to go on diets soon. We have had lots of laughter, playing and eating. The evening we went out to eat Rhett knew he wanted a good Iowa steak.

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